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Its not about just learning from the books and completing certifications. It is all about – Collaboration, Sharing and Creating value through experiences of success and failure.
Welcome to Agile Beyond Boundary – A community of Agile Enthusiasts aimed at developing True Agile Mindset

Our Story

Agile has transformed the industries and will be transforming the industries. With the dynamic nature of the digital revolution, having a truly agile mindset and culture throughout the organization – should be the core of the Organization’s strategy.

However, we observed that Agile fails – not because of the method but most of us fail to understand that – Agile is not a methodology that can be implemented, but it is THE MINDSET that forms through values.

We developed this community to build this mindset and take Agile Beyond The Boundaries of just IT Industry

So, Come and be part of this great community

About ABB

Agile Beyond Boundary is all about Agile Community. Here, different experts, leaders, and Agile Enthusiasts come together to share the knowledge towards the vision of building AGILE MINDSET.

If you are interested: Get in touch with us at:

Email: agilebeyondboundary@gmail.com

Vivek Sinha

Vivek Sinha

Enterprise Agile Coach

Vijay Magdum

Vijay Magdum

Product Owner

Sahil Potdar

Sahil Potdar

Agile Leader