Sprint Report

Transparency and Visualization is an important aspect of Agile way of working. The Sprint report (team wise) is powerful a tool to enhance transparency and create a collaborative relationship between team and key stakeholder (sponsors, management, leadership and immediate customer). Such a report is specially more useful in a client-vendor (buyer-seller) setup.

Its important to understand that the aim of this report is not to create control, rather its to enhance transparency and trigger two way dialogue at right time.

Key Elements of this report

  • 3 Sprint views  – this report creates a quick summary of three sprints (last one, current, and next one). The last sprint – achievement/misses; Current Sprint – commitment, stories, and the Next sprint – potential stories & direction 
  • Burndown (Sprint or Release or feature/epic) – a snapshot of relevant burn down – how much % of story / SP deviled; how much pending;
  • Open impediments and impact [to expedite resolutions] 
  • Indicative Trend (red, amber, green) of overall health and progress
  • All data on this report is directly copied from ALM tool (e.g. Jira or AzureDevOps or clickup) 
  • For multiple Squad, the Sprint report will have one slide for each Squad in a consolidated file

You may download the template (blank sample report) from here