Doing Agile Right – checklist

This checklist is primary for Scrum masters, agile coach and team. It help them quickly see (kind of a quick self assessment) and check where are in the doing agile way. As the name suggested, its not necessarily about Being Agile. Being Agile is more of a behavior (mindset), while Doing Agile is more of practices (process/tool).

The Journey go something like this – it start with Knowing Agile (awareness and training of agile), then Doing Agile (practices and experiences) and eventually Being Agile (Agile way of working and thinking).

This checklist cover five aspects – People (team dynamics), Process, Tools, Engineering and Governance. You may download the single pager quick checklist here

On all 5 dimensions, there are multiple sections (boxes), and there are space to add more points (checks) in each box. It’s to show that its not a complete or exhaustive list, and you can add points as per your context.